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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over 80€ (SPAIN) / 120€ (Rest of EUROPE except AREA EUROPE G3)

FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over 80€ (SPAIN) / 120€ (Rest of EUROPE except AREA EUROPE G3)

What does it mean to be a member of The Tribe?

Ralf Nature is offering you the possibility to help save the animals and collaborate in multiple causes with the objective to live in a better world. We are looking for people who share our same values, we need to join forces to make this world a much better place for each of the species that inhabit it. Being a member of The Tribe implies a commitment to the brand and requires all the effort of each of us to achieve the greatest impact of our actions.


Am I the right person to be part of it?

Do you love animals and nature? Would you like to take action? ...if the answer to both questions is affirmative, then you will love our brand and you are the right profile to join our tribe. Of course we will value other points such as the number of followers and the timeline you have on Instagram. We need to have committed, proactive and creative people in our tribe.


What would be my benefits?

    * You will earn 10% in CASH of each order value we receive in thanks to your referrals.
    * You will have 5% DISCOUNT for your FOLLOWERS on all their orders.
    * You will PARTICIPATE with a permanent 3% over all orders value on amazing causes that help animals and humans.
    * You will COLLABORATE to develop conservation and reintroduction projects for endangered species.


What should I do?

You have to help us spread the message! You will need to share brand products and conservation projects on your social networks. 


    What do I have to do to become member of The Tribe?

    You only have to send us a request through the form that we make available to you in this LINK. Once we receive your request we will analyse your application and will come back to you in no more than 48-72 hours.